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As a preferred international school, Global Indian International School (GIIS) is appreciated by students, parents and alumni who have come forward to share their thoughts and feedback on the school's curricula, teaching methodologies and achievements.

Shalini & Navneet Gupta, GIIS Parent of Shreya Gupta

In 2012 we were looking for a school change for our child and then got to know about the launch of GIIS Noida. We wanted to give an international experience to our kid. Activities like video chats and presentation by kids on different topics to other geographical locations are steps towards it. We would like to see our kid growing into an independent individual who can compete with world boldly and, with GIIS Noida we seem to be moving in that direction. We understand that the school is still in its maturing phase and with each passing day, things will refine further in favour of students. Thanks to GIIS fraternity and best wishes for the road ahead.

Kasturika Mishra, GIIS Parent of Mihika Mishra

Parenting is no cakewalk. Its requires strength of character, constant pursuit of making your child fight against the tide, face negatives and learn to balance out failure and success. My association and trust on GIIS Noida began on this note. It grew as I observed that the objective of the school was to accommodate average children while setting up a business and turning them into its tangible assets. Thanks to the formative years at GIIS, the grooming to become a disciplined and obedient child and trying to cope is showing in my daughter’s progress. Suddenly I see my child as a sensible eight year-old who knows her mind, accepts the hard truths of growing up and has a positive approach towards her growing up years. I am happy to see my daughter belong to the GIIS famil

Aparajita Basu, GIIS Parent of Chirag M Basu

GIIS Noida campus is developing rapidly to provide ample opportunities to cater towards the holistic development of the child. Being an ex-kindergarten teacher of GIIS Balestier, Singapore, I cherish wonderful experiences of training, macro/micro teachings, workshops and brainstorming sessions on how to unfold the child's potential to the maximum. We are satisfied with the curriculum at GIIS Noida campus as the school does not stress the young ones with unwanted pressure, thereby focussing on the quality of education, keeping in mind the child's mental level. A remarkable effort is being taken in the areas of CCA/ECA and project-based learning, thus providing equal exposure to children in all areas growth. I wish the whole team of GIIS all the best in their future endeavour.

Mr. Rohit Suri, GIIS Parent of Tanmay Suri & Tanvi Suri

It is important to me that my children get adequate exposure in various fields for them to explore their areas of interest. I am glad to see the initiatives at GIIS Noida relating to sports, drama, clubs and hobbies offering multiple choices for the students. My children are happy to come to school and are not shy or hesitant to try their hands at various projects. GIIS Noida has fostered positive thinking and the power of expression in my children with such ease that I am glad to have admitted my children in this school. They receive a lot of personalized attention from their teachers and I am looking forward to many workshops and initiatives to bring out the best in my children.


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